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Nneka's Peace Corps Adventure in Ghana

About Ghana

About Ghana
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  • In 1957, Ghana, the former British colony of the Gold Coast, became the first country in colonial Africa to gain its independence.


  • Considered a major player in promoting peace in the West African sub-region, as witnessed by it's involvement in regional peacekeeping forces and diplomacy.


  • Ethinic groups of Ghana: Akan, which include the Ashanti and Fanti (44 percent); Moshi-Dagomba (16 percent); Ewe (13); Ga (8 percent); as wll as many smaller distinct ethnic populations wth seperate languages and traditions.


  • Languages: English (official), Akan 49%, Mole-Dagbani 16%, Ewe 13%, Ga-Adangbe 8%, Guan 4%, others 10%.


  • Current population just under 20 million

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